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Will Bank Sanctions Work Against China?

May 03, 2024 | Andrew Collier  Executive Summary  The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. is considering imposing sanctions on Chinese banks that are supporting the export of goods to for Russia’s war in Ukraine. The State Department has denied the reports but it would be logical for the U.S. to use its dominance […]

China’s structural problems – Bloomberg TV Interview Andrew Collier, Managing Director at Orient Capital Research, discusses his outlook for China’s macro economy and property sector. He speaks with Haidi Stroud-Watts and Shery Ahn and on “Daybreak Asia”. (Source: Bloomberg)

China’s Lehman Moment?

Is China facing a “Lehman Moment” due to high shadow banking debt? China’s shadow banking differs substantially from that of the U.S. before the financial crisis. There, the shadow lending funding the property boom consisted of collateralized and leveraged mortgage products that were highly liquid, traded instruments. Many official banks participated in this business, along […]

Beijing’s Evergrande Solution

Global Source Partners Beijing believes the risks of a US-style financial crisis caused by a property bubble outweigh the risks of an Evergrande default. But it is also encouraging a “soft” landing for the resolution of Evergrande’s debt problems that would avoid political unrest and a bank crisis. How will Beijing resolve this conflict? Beijing […]

“Common Prosperity” and the Economy

Global Source Partners What does Xi Jinping’s “common prosperity” mean for the economy? Andrew Collier | Aug 30, 2021 Executive Summary Xi Jinping launched his vision for common prosperity officially in an internal meeting in the Politburo on August 17. This was a follow-on to the harsh regulations imposed on China’s technology sector. Although Xi […]

China Credit Risks: Bloomberg TV

Orient Capital Andrew Collier on China’s Credit Risks, ‘Common Prosperity’ Bloomberg Markets China Open September 6th, 2021, 12:17 PM GMT+0800 Orient Capital Research Managing Director, Andrew Collier, discusses a potential default risks in China of indebted companies such as Evergrande and Huarong. Andrew also tell us what “common prosperity” term may mean for the country’s […]

China’s Education Crackdown – How Far Will This Go?

Global Source Partners China’s Education Crackdown – How Far Will This Go? Andrew Collier | Jul 27, 2021 Executive Summary The new regulatory crackdown on the educational sector in China was a surprising move by China. New Oriental Education’s shares plunged 17.5% on the news. What really is a shock is how small the companies […]

Bloomberg TV Interview – Huarong and the Economy April 16th, 2021, 12:48 PM GMT+0800 Orient Capital Research MD Andrew Collier shares his views on the possibility of China rescuing its biggest distressed asset manager, Huarong. Collier, a former President of the Bank of China International USA, believes that China will protect Huarong, however smaller, local AMCs are more vulnerable. He speaks to […]

Huarong and China’s Economy

Global Source Partners China’s State Council Tuesday issued a decree ordering a “deepening” of reform of the budget management system. The key point is an order to reduce financial risk and increase transparency of local government finance. This order follows the recent cancellation of the Ant Group IPO and stricter regulations of Ant’s online financial […]