Due Diligence

Asia Due Diligence and Survey Services
Orient Capital Research is an independent research and due diligence firm headquartered in Hong Kong with employees based in Shanghai. We provide competitive analysis, corporate intelligence, market and supply chain analysis on companies, organize sector surveys, and analyze purchasing decisions. Since the firm was established in 2012, we have worked on more than thirty projects in China and Southeast Asia for corporates, and public and private equity clients in sectors including:

Electric Vehicles
Iron ore
Food and Retailing
Milk and Milk Products
Home Furnishings


Case Studies
Market Entry. OCR evaluated the potential to introduce a western nanomedicine product into the Chinese market. Interviewed CFDA officers, pharmaceutical professionals, hospital procurement directors, and venture capitalists to understand the full picture and help the company founder to make the investment decision.

Foreign Investment. OCR assisted a Fortune 500 multinational device company to decide whether to invest in a Chinese local manufacture in MIP (minimally invasive procedure) field. The process included factory inspections, interview with founder and leadership team, operation room observation, reimbursement policy investigation, and distributor surveys. On our advice, the device company decided not to invest but to form a joint venture instead.

Vietnam Market Entry. A global gaming firm was examining the potential for expansion into the Vietnamese market. OCR interviewed local gaming officials and analyzed the political and regulatory conclusions and provided a reasoned assessment of the potential/risks.

Iron Ore Survey. OCR interviewed local iron ore mills to understand their capex plans going forward, including pricing and other relevant market factors.

Corporate Analysis. OCR has done a number of projects on companies doing business in China, generally listed in Hong Kong or the U.S. For an examination of an American wood processing firm, we visited local lumber suppliers on the Russian border, interviewed competitors, and channel checked the supply chain.