Orient Capital Research conducts independent research on China. OCR analyzes China’s macroeconomy, particularly Shadow Banking, and the intersection of policy and economic trends. OCR also conducts due diligence on industries and stocks for funds seeking a deeper analysis of specific issues.

 Andrew Collier , Managing Director and Founder, Hong Kong.  Mr. Collier is the former President of the Bank of China International USA, where he helped to launch BOCI’s U.S. office. Earlier in his career, he was an equity analyst with Bear Stearns and CLSA in Hong Kong, and a journalist covering business for the South China Morning Post in Beijing. He has a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Chinese Studies from Yale University and studied Chinese at Peking University. He also is a Senior Fellow at the Mansfield Foundation in Washington. Mr. Collier is currently based in Hong Kong.

Juilice Zhou, Analyst, Shanghai. Juilice is responsible for monitoring macroeconomic trends and analyzing companies. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Depauw University in Indiana and has worked at the Halter Financial Group in Shanghai as an investment banking analyst, where she conducted M&A due diligence on targeted companies, and performed company and industry due diligence and sector analysis. Previously, she was an intern at Industrial Securities, Bank of America, and ANZ Bank, all in Shanghai. She speaks mandarin, Shanghainese, and English.

Chris Li, Analyst, Shanghai. Chris is responsible for conducting surveys in China. Before joining Orient Capital Research, Chris designed and implemented consumer survey for foreign FMCG multinationals such as P&G, Unilever, and Lay’s. For several years, he has built a team of people from different cities, who specialize in conducting surveys and have deep connections with local consumer companies. In addition, Chris has developed a good network with people at the retail-end, distributors and wholesalers in T1, T2 and T3 cities. Chris is based in Shanghai.

Contact: Andrew@collierchina.com