Oil demand in China: a short-term bounce?

Global Source Partners Andrew Collier | Jul 24, 2020 China has clearly been one of the success stories in handling the coronavirus. The flattening of the curve was a reflection of the nature of the tightly controlled political system. The numbers may not be completely trustworthy but even at multiples the caseload is still much […]

China: Notes from Washington/Trade War

Global Source Partners China: Notes from Washington/Trade War Andrew Collier | Oct 17, 2019 Executive Summary I just returned from a three-day trip to Washington DC meeting local corporates, the Mansfield Foundation, CSIS, the State Department, and officials at the White House. Overall, the tone in Washington is decidedly negative. There is a growing consensus […]

Hong Kong’s Lost Role as a Financial Center – FT Op-Ed

Hong Kong’s not so special status as China’s financial centre Over time, Beijing will be perfectly happy to see it replaced by Shenzhen and Shanghai Financial Times . September 27, 2019 Andrew Collier Does China need Hong Kong as a financial centre? The People’s Daily certainly thinks so. In an editorial on September 16, the […]

What Can China Lose in Hong Kong

Global Source Partners What can China lose in Hong Kong? Andrew Collier | September 2019 Executive Summary How important is Hong Kong to China? What will happen — if and when the protests end — to the “special” relationship in the Jnancial sector between Hong Kong and the mainland? The argument is often made that […]

Renminbi retreat set to revive capital outflows pressure – Financial Times

15/08/2019 Renminbi retreat set to revive capital outflows pressure | Financial Times Chinese capital controls (See my comments…) Renminbi retreat set to revive capital outflows pressure Breach of key threshold sees currency and its regulator face challenges on many fronts Don Weinland in Beijing 9 HOURS AGO The renminbi’s fall through the closely watched and […]

China’s Currency Weakens in a Potential Challenge to Trump

By Alexandra Stevenson Aug. 4, 201 BEIJING — China’s currency weakened past the psychologically important point of 7 to the American dollar for the first time in more than a decade, a move that reflects the growing severity of the trade war with the United States and that could indicate Beijing’s growing desire to find ways to retaliate […]

China’s Economic Growth Hits 27-Year Low as Trade War Stings

New York Times (See my quote below) July 15, 2019 A shopping mall in Beijing. Retail sales and spending on infrastructure offered bright spots in data that otherwise showed slumping growth.CreditLam Yik Fei for The New York Times A shopping mall in Beijing. Retail sales and spending on infrastructure offered bright spots in data that […]

The Trade War – Chinese Response

The trade war – the Chinese response Andrew Collier | Jun 07, 2019 Executive Summary We analyze the response of China to the trade war in four buckets: politics, macro-economy, global supply chains, and technology. Of the four, China’s technological development and global supply chains are likely to suffer the most. Xi’s political power is […]

Ant Financial’s Aggressive Strategy

Microsoft Word – Ant’s Aggressive Strategy.docx “Ant Financial has got just enough bullets to cause a small–scale financial crisis.” Economist with a State Owned Bank. l Growing Market Share. Ant Financial has quickly taken market share from traditional banks, trust companies and other financial firms. Eventually, the regulators may reduce Ant’s consumer lending business to […]

No QE for China

February 19, 2019 Executive Summary There is a widespread expectation among western investors that China will enact quantitative easing to counter the effects of the trade war and the slowing economy. This is highly unlikely. Although there is substantial data indicating signiDcant pain in the economy, including defaulting SMEs, unemployment, and general declining economic activity, […]